Password Change Policy Modified

06-01-2014 @ 9:08pm,

As a part of [ITD's] ongoing examination of campus processes, the University is implementing a policy change to enhance the overall strength and security of account passwords. These changes address both the frequency and complexity of password changes.

Beginning June 9, 2014, all University of Memphis students, faculty and staff will be required to change their UofM UUID password every 180 days. This policy change will take effect with all passwords changed on or after June 9, 2014.

You will not be required to change your password until your current expiration date is reached. Information Technology Services (ITS) will send automated email reminders 14 days and 7 days prior to your password expiration.

In addition to the change in frequency, changes are also being implemented in the minimum requirements for passwords. These changes will provide additional security by increasing password strength and making passwords more resistant to attack. The new minimum requirements for passwords are:

  • Must be at least twelve (12) characters in length.
  • Must contain characters from at least three of the following categories:
    • lowercase letter (e.g. a, b, c)
    • uppercase letter (e.g. A, B, C)
    • number (e.g. 1, 2, 3)
    • special character (e.g. _ ! $ % ^ * + - )

Server Unreachable

05-29-2014 @ 5:00pm,

For the past day or two this site was unreachable due to a DNS server issue @ Sorry if you were unable to reach the site until now but it was beyond my control.

Lot 45 Parking

05-29-2014 @ 5:00pm,

Parking Services (5/29/14):

Parking and Transportation Services is beginning the renovation of parking Lot 45 – Engineering on June 9th in order to improve the quality of this parking facility. This renovation will require the lot to be closed for approximately six weeks (weather permitting).

Questions about the renovation of the parking lot or the resulting temporary changes should be directed to Tanara L. Teal-Tate at the U of M Parking and Transportation Services Office, extension 3844 or by email to

Permit access for Lot #45 has been reassigned to Lot 40 (Innovation Parking Garage by the FedEx Institute of Technology). Please contact Parking and Transportation Services if you require alternate accommodations due to the low clearance in the garage or if you prefer to park in General parking.

Those of you who would rather park in the General permit parking lots, as opposed to the Innovation Garage, may use your same permit but you will need to reply to [the email sent to your account] so that your parking payroll deduction will reflect the new rate of $15.30/month instead of $36.05/month. Eligible parking passes for General Parking Lots include:

  • Continuing Education passes valid Summer 2014.
  • Employees on payroll deduction for general or priority parking.
  • Employees or students who pay to park by the month (Please make sure your pass is valid; e.g. June sticker is good until June 30.)

From Parking Services (5/27):

In order to improve the quality of University of Memphis campus parking facilities, Parking and Transportation Services is set to begin the complete renovation of the Engineering Lot 45 at the corner of Central and Zach Curlin.

The first Pre-Construction meeting will be held May 27th which will provide more information on the official start date and time frame of the project, which are unknown at this time. Please expect another update after the meeting with additional details.

For your convenience, we have activated your permit to access the Innovation Garage Lot 40 during this time.


04-11-2014 @ 3:45pm,

First off....have a great summer and look forward to seeing all of you in the fall.

Second, I will be in and out of the office during the summer (especially May and June), but if you really need to see me, please email me and set up an appointment.

Senior Project Equipment

09-10-2008 @ 5:15pm,

Do you know what you want to do for senior projects but don't have the equipment or money to buy it? I have acquired many items over the years that can be used for EETH and CETH senior projects (see link below).

I also have a number of computers that can be used by students for senior projects in ET227a for your use in case you need software not installed on the image in the computer labs, or you need Linux or another OS.