Fall 2014 Class Evaluations

11-23-2014 @ 9:15pmm,

Students, you may now evaluate your Full Session Fall 2014 course instructors. Please take a few moments to do so by following the directions below. The site is now open and will close December 11 at 6:00 a.m. Complete your course evaluations (SETE) and see your grades early!

Once your instructor has posted your grade, you can immediately see that grade, PROVIDED you completed a teacher evaluation for that class.

How to access your evaluation forms:

1. Open any internet browser
2. Type in and log in using your UUID and email password
3. Click on the gray "Student" tab
4. Complete an evaluation for each course listed and hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the evaluation forms, contact the HelpDesk at 678-8888 or

Extra Credit Offered

11-17-2014 @ 6:30pm,

Herff College hosts the West TN Championship for First Lego Legauge on Jan 24th. To get ready for that event we need to build the field elements which are made of Legos. Since Prof Banning and Prof Kohn are the FLL Partners they will be giving extra credit in their classes if you help out. See Prof Banning anytime Tues - Thurs from 9am or Friday 9am till 2pm to help out. The more time you work the more extra credit you will get. And just get to play with Legos AND earn extra credit while doing it.....what a deal!

Please note that for Prof Kohn's classes, extra credit only applies if you are passing the class.


Senior Project Equipment

09-10-2008 @ 5:15pm,

Do you know what you want to do for senior projects but don't have the equipment or money to buy it? I have acquired many items over the years that can be used for EETH and CETH senior projects (see link below).

I also have a number of computers that can be used by students for senior projects in ET227a for your use in case you need software not installed on the image in the computer labs, or you need Linux or another OS.